Materials for teachers


Materials for teachers

Orientation (Lesson 1)

  • Lesson 1.  PowerPoint presentation (orientation to the subject matter & startup for the video projects)
  • Lesson 1. Information package (for the presentation)
  • Printable photo cards for Lesson 1: sun, coal, deforestation, forest conservation, food production problems, food production solutions.
    • Photo card Explanations
    • Agenda2030 Sustainable Development Goals (three per sheet)
  • Southern Voices videos and background materials for students

Video project (Lessons 2-4)

Lesson plans

Download the LESSON PLAN of the learning module. You can use it as such or customise it to fit your group and their process.

Additional exercises and background materials

In this section, you will find additional material with which you can revise the basics of climate change in class in order to prepare for the learning module.

Furthermore, shorter exercises based on the thematics of Climate Change and Southern Voices are available if the complete learning module seems too big.

Background information:

  • Background information on climate change
  • Climate action for schools

Additional exercises:

  • Short exercises for lessons
  • Climate facts test for students
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