Learning Module


Learning Module

Climate Change and Southern Voices learning module for multidisciplinary learning for the upper comprehensive school and for upper secondary institutions.

At the core of Climate Change and Southern Voices learning module are the global connections of complex phenomena, questions of justice, feelings and reactions caused by great challenges and turning them into action.

A video project which will be carried out as a group project brings an active element into the module. The students have a chance to examine the themes of sustainable development from the perspectives of both North and South and to take their own stand on the themes.

The learning module is suitable, for example, for geography, biology, art and social studies classes or as a collaboration between these subjects. You can also use the English materials for English class!


Download the LESSON PLAN for the learning module. You can use it as such, or you can use it as a base and adapt it to the time frame and objectives of your group.


Orientation (Lesson 1)

Video project (lessons 2-4)

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