Climate facts quiz


Climate facts quiz



Are you a climate wizard when it comes to knowing the basics of climate change or are you a climate average joe or are you still a novice? Take the quiz and find out! The results are at the end of the quiz. Don't peek!

NOTE! The correct number of right answers is in brackets after each question.

(Original Finnish text: Pinja Sipari/Ilmastoterveisiä etelästä, BMOL ry)

1. What is meant by climate change? (1)

a) The warming of every corner of the Earth
b) The intensification of the greenhouse effect
c) A Chinese conspiracy theory

2. What three gases are the major causes of climate change? (3)

a) Methane, b) Carbon dioxide, c) Nitrous oxide, d) War gas e) Hydrogen f) Ozone

3. The climate has always changed. How is the current climate change different from the previous ones? (2)

a) It is not that different.
b) A change in the activity of the sun causes the current climate change.
c) Its main reason is the actions of one species.
d) It is exceptionally rapid.
e) It is denied now more than in the past.

4. What four things intensify climate change the most? (4)

a) Ocean liners
b) Plastic
c) Housing
d) Moving around
e) Food
f) Consumption
g) Garbage
h) Blue whales

5. The most effective means for an individual person to mitigate climate change are (5):

a) Change the electricity contract into green electricity
b) Recycle effectively
c) Replace some of the meat in the meals with vegetables
d) Favour walking, biking and public transport
e) Negotiate with Mr. Trump
f) Make a difference within the society
g) Avoid plastic
h) Consume less

6. Some environmental issues are clearly connected to each other, some hardly at all. Which of the following environmental issues are clearly connected to climate change? (2)

a) Plastic waste in the oceans
b) Ocean acidification
c) Ozone depletion
d) The sixth mass extinction
e) Salting of the roads

7. What is meant with climate change adaptation? (1)

a) The term means that humankind accepts the existence of climate change and adapts to the idea of a changing climate.
b) The term refers to actions whose aim is to reduce the vulnerability of nature and communities to climate change because its causes and effects cannot be completely prevented anymore.
c) The term refers to the physiological changes in different animal and plant species that take place due to climate change.

8. In the context of climate change, the concept of Anthropocene is often mentioned. What is meant by it?(1)

a) It is a new geologic period of time that began in the 20th It started in the wake of the Industrial Revolution when human activity became a geological force that changed the conditions on the planet.
b) It is a branch of science that studies human and human culture.
c) It is a universal path of knowledge and self-knowledge that combines philosophy, arts, sciences and religions.

Correct answers

Each correct answer gives you one point. Add up your points and strike out all the wrong answers on the quiz form.

Find out your results!

1. b

2. a, b, c

3. c, d

4. c, d, e, f

5. a, c, d, f, h

6. b, d

7. b

8. a


CLIMATE WIZARD,  15-19 points

You master at least the basics of climate change convincingly. Fabulous! Hopefully your knowledge is reflected also on your everyday actions in mitigating climate change and your wizard powers are sufficient enough to learn new things constantly because that's what working with climate issues is all about. You're amazing! 💚


You represent the large group of people who acknowledges the seriousness of climate change and knows something about the subject. Media and other sources may have led you astray in some basic matters, and you haven't had time to delve deeper into the subject. The basic level is a good place to start developing yourself when you have the time and strength. It may be good to apply the accumulating knowledge to practical action right away. Good luck! It is wonderful that you exist! 💚

CLIMATE NOVICE,  0-5 points

You have become interested in the subject only recently and many basic ideas have passed you by so far. Now is a good moment to start making up for the lost time, to learning new things and to putting all you know into practice. Good luck! It's great to have you on board! 💚

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